July 2014
2014, Jul 15
“Transmission” (Naoya Hatakeyama + Shuji Akagi) at Studio 35 Minutes

Studio 35 Minutes is re-launching with a bar space next to the gallery. Kota asked me to put together an exhibition that would coincide with the opening of the bar, and also serve as a kind of valedictory show. This is the result; I’m really excited for it.

Studio 35 Minutes, Araiyakushimae, Tokyo
Curated by Dan Abbe
7/24 – 7/26, 7/31 – 8/2
5pm – 11pm (Saturdays: 12 noon – 11pm)
Nakano-ku Kamitakada 5-47-8
Talk show (in English, Dan Abbe and Taro Nettleton): 7/25, 8pm

It seems to me that many of the photographs taken after 3/11 have shown little awareness that they will be received by an audience. Naoya Hatakeyama and Shuji Akagi, though, are both conscious of the presence (or possibility) of an audience that will view their images. Hatakeyama has already established himself as one of Japan’s most sophisticated photographers, while Akagi is starting to attract attention for his simple, perhaps even amateur documentation of Fukushima. These two are, in other words, almost completely opposed in terms of their photographic technique, even as they share a certain mentality towards the transmission of their images. I think that showing these photographs in the unpretentious, barebones space of Studio 35 Minutes will allow the viewer to experience the qualities of such transmission.




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2014, Jul 15
Tokyo shows

© Wataru Yamamoto

Now is a good time to see exhibits in Tokyo. Why now, in July, when each day is more unbearable than the last?

I was really impressed by Kunié Sugiura’s show at Taka Ishii Gallery 1, “You are always on my mind / you are always in my heart; photo-painting and photo collage, 1976-1981.” Almost 40 years ago, Sugiura was doing things that younger photographers are just figuring out now. Sugiura is a long-term resident of New York, and she says that this work was not received well at all there when she made it. Better late than never? I’m going to see this one again. Until 7/26.

Kazuo Kitai has a show at Zen Foto Gallery 2, “One Road,” which is worth a look. Also until 7/26.

Wataru Yamamoto is opening up a new solo show, “Spring,” at Yumiko Chiba Associates 3, from 7/25 – 8/23.

Keizo Kitajima also has the latest installment of his “UNTITLED PHOTOGRAPHS” 4 series up at photographers’ gallery, until 8/10.


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2014, Jul 04
Motoyuki Daifu at Little Big Man Gallery, LA

© Motoyuki Daifu

Motoyuki Daifu 1 will hold an exhibit of his work “My family is a Pubis, so I cover it in Pretty Panties” at the new Little Big Man Gallery 2 in Los Angeles. It runs from 7/19 – 8/31, so I think I’ll just catch the end of it.


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