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2011, May 02
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To make things fair, this is the Google Translate version of this post. I think it should more or less approximate how a Japanese speaker will interpret the text I just wrote.

The challenge now is to use Japanese.

I did not introduce myself in Japanese yet. “Why I came to Japan, “ frequently asked questions. Recently, more Japanese people who read this blog, so, thought I’d introduce myself a little.

I came to Japan in January 2009. The reason is that there are two.

Before that, I lived in San Francisco, California. It is the home town Ito Kon. I’d worked at the company a little popular, daily work was very interesting. So I wanted to try a new life.

Why choose Japan? It will not photograph. I was interested about photography before. I have a family of many photographers. Camera was a kid around me. Proper use of the darkroom also studied in high school. Photos from that era was really like. University College of photos with Spanish literature is thought less. One more picture of a photographer friend in San Francisco made ​​it thought. American friends went to see the work in Japan. At that time, I was surprised to see pictures of Japanese culture. Galleries, magazines and cameras, because I have never seen. Living in Japan has been imagined back in the United States.

It is a long explanation, that is why I came to Japan. To tell you the truth, the picture in San Francisco did not talk at all. I will study in Tokyo and photos. Once, I would like living in Japan for many years from now.

So, I conclude that. (Laughs) now want to introduce a foreign photographer. Do you Twitter here, Which is better?.


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2010, Aug 30




i want to use this blog to practice japanese. i’m not any good right now, but i’m learning more, and maybe people could talk back and forth??? anyway for your own entertainment, this is what google says i wrote. i would hope that i come across slightly better to a japanese reader:

I think now a little blog in Japanese. Last year (2009) came a month after, and was studying Japanese. But, not so good, Osowaritai further. Naturally, the common mistakes. . .

Question to this blog. In Japanese, the text to read about funny pictures. Kanji 字書 look it up in slow electron. Recommend you might be? ? Words might be interesting Naoya Hatakeyama.

When you make a mistake, please talk to her anytime! Thank you!


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