Yoshihiko Ueda
2013, Mar 26
Yoshihiko Ueda, “M. River” at Gallery 916

© Yoshihiko Ueda

I’ve written before about my disappointment with Gallery 916, namely that the shows I’ve seen so far have squandered what is without question one of Tokyo’s most impressive gallery spaces. The new show that just went up there, gallery owner Yoshihiko Ueda’s own “M. River,” does break that trend. The installation of “M. River” plays with size and focus in a way that makes a sensible use of Gallery 916’s massive walls. It was a pleasure to move throughout the room without feeling like I was literally trekking from image to image.¬†Still, there’s a catch. After the opening, the gallery will charge adults an 800 yen entrance fee, effectively pricing it in the same range as most Tokyo museums. Magnificent as the space may be, it will take a significant improvement in quality before that feels anything close to reasonable.


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Yoshihiko Ueda

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