October 2014
2014, Oct 23
Kikuji Kawada in New York

Kikuji Kawada will hold a solo exhibition, “The Last Cosmology” at L. Parker Stephenson 1 in New York, from November 7 until January of next year (I don’t know what day). I’m sure it will be worth a visit.


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Kikuchi Kawada

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2014, Oct 19
Masayuki Shioda at 35 Minutes

I’m already very late to post this, the show is only up for a few more days, but if nothing else I want to leave the flyer here as a reminder to investigate what Shioda is getting up to. (Is it too easy to link this to surrealism? But what does surrealist photography in Japan 1 mean, anyway?) I wonder if Animal Sports Puzzle 2 is prohibitively expensive…

http://www.westminster.ac.uk/cream/people/doctoral-researchers/stojkovic,-jelena: Jelena Stojkovic has written a dissertation on this topic


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35 Minutes, Masayuki Shioda

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