2011, Sep 14
Taishi Hirokawa’s “Still Crazy” now available as an iPad app

Event after giving a huge recommendation to Taishi Hirokawa’s “Still Crazy: Nuclear Power Plants As Seen In Japanese Landscapes” in my summer exhibit roundup, I completely forgot about the show and missed out. Quite a bummer, especially because I later heard that Hirokawa was there hanging out at the show.

“Still Crazy” is a 1994 book which shows a crisp landscape photograph of each of Japan’s nuclear power plants—obviously a highly relevant work given all that’s happened recently, and the resurgence of anti-nuclear protests. The book is still available in Japan for the original retail price of about 5000 yen, but now it’s been released as a 600 yen iPad app. (The iTunes link is here.)

via Ken Iseki, there are some more pictures of the app on his blog. (Japanese)


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