Hiroshi Sugimoto
2009, Sep 25
Sugimoto in Ginza

There are two weeks left to see Sugimoto Hiroshi’s latest work, “Lightning Fields,” at Gallery Koyanagi in Ginza. Some of his recent projects—mathematical models, white apartment interiors—have been pretty cold, but since he’s making these images with RAW ELECTRICITY, I’m hoping that won’t be a problem here. Honestly I can’t tell how excited I should be from this picture, looking at a Sugimoto JPG is like hearing [a piece of music you greatly respect] in a tin can.

Marc and Yaohong both mentioned this series several blog years ago.

Update 9/27: I saw the exhibit yesterday, it’s definitely worth checking out. Like everything Sugimoto does it’s totally theoretical, but the images don’t feel burdened by the concept. I think I respond to Sugimoto best when he is dealing with something that is at least a little bit out of his control—I like the movie theaters and seascapes much better than the wax figures and mathematical models. These photos were very much left up to chance, and that lightness makes for a good experience.


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Hiroshi Sugimoto

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