Jin Ohashi
2013, Mar 03
Note about Jin Ohashi

Jin Ohashi’s Surrendered Myself to the Chair of Life (Akaaka, 2012) 1 seems like it could be “one of the most talked-about photobooks of the year,” whatever that might mean. Ohashi staged and photographed an orgy, and the work was published in a huge, 6-kilogram book.

In this interview with a porn magazine (Japanese, and NSFW for the ads surrounding the interview) 2, Ohashi talks about his motivation for spending, as he says, “enough money to buy a small house in Tokyo” on the production of his book. It pretty much boils down to “Well, I had an image of a bunch of people having sex at once, so, I made this book.”

To be just a little bleak, this is about what I expected to hear. Am I wrong to hope for more, though?


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Jin Ohashi

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