2009, Oct 08
Moriyama Daido at Kodoji

From now until October 15, you can see some Moriyama Daido prints while you engage in that all too common of Tokyo activities, drinking yourself into oblivion. They’re up at Kodoji, a bar located in the Golden Gai district of Shinjuku—an area as infamous for the microscopic size of its bars as for its colorful history.

this photo once appeared in a JAL in flight magazine. i might like it better there actually

Some bars in Golden Gai have themes, and Kodoji is an out-and-out photographer’s bar, complete with a whole bunch of great photo books in a back corner. There are two exhibits up each month, always shot by regular patrons. As for the prints, they’re actually not that amazing, but it’s a nice to literally “hang out” with them. If you stop in on the right night, you might even see the guy himself, and if you can handle a bit of Japanese you’re sure to have interesting conversations with the other patrons anyway.

I’ve added an entry for Kodoji to my map of Tokyo stuff, but beware!! The marker is not exact, it only marks the general Golden Gai area. Golden Gai bars are not exactly secretive, but I’m also not comfortable publishing the exact location online. Here’s a hint, though, the name of the place is written out in hiragana


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