2012, Jun 28
Links, June 28 2012

It seems like my faith in online writing erodes a little bit more each day. Here are a few recent links that broke through the endless content-waves, though.

n+1, “Please RT.” 1 n+1 on writing in the time of Twitter. Quote: “You won’t sound contemporary and for real unless it sounds like you’re writing off the top of your head. Thus: ‘In The Jargon of Authenticity, Adorno went bonkers with rage, and took off after Heidegger and the existentialists with a buzz saw…'”

Joanna Scott on Vivian Maier in The Nation. 2 Sharp writing.

The latest “Behind the Notes” column for American Photo. 3 This 14-year-old photographer writes more eloquently about Tumblr than you. It fills me with so much pride that she’s from Berkeley.

Francis Hodgson on PhotoEspaña in Financial Times. 4 Includes an enjoyable skewering of curator language.

Meet the “other” Dan Abbe, “Ranger Dan” Abbe. 5


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