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2011, Oct 26
SLJ sells out


Well, it’s been a good run here with everyone, but I got a call from the major leagues of blogging, so it’s time to bust out of here. Just kidding of course, but I have started writing on a pretty regular basis for the website of American Photo Magazine. It’s a great chance to write about the world of photography beyond Japan, and also introduce Japan to America and beyond.

Since the site launched I interviewed two of my favorite photographers, Michael Jang and Ed Panar. Where to even go from there? I’m not sure.

Like always, I’m not sure exactly how much I’ll post here, but I’m sure it probably won’t change much from the usual erratic rhythm. Some of my friends have noted that I try to maintain a “mysterious” online persona, which is probably true, but really I’m incredibly lucky just to be able to write this blog, and I hope to post with such urgency over at American Photo as well.


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2009, Nov 04
“So, I think what we’re talking about is… access.”

A. Mart left a comment with a link to this video of Michael Jang, watch it and feel inspired.


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2009, Nov 01
Michael Jang interview

this one was featured in Hamburger Eyes #12. check it

A past issue of Hamburger Eyes featured some really interesting photos from 1980s San Francisco by Michael Jang. Now WIRED has done an interview with him – that’s nice they chose to talk to someone in their own backyard! I didn’t know much about Michael Jang before I read the interview, but he seems to embody the healthiest parts of San Francisco culture, like a distrust of institutions and a willingness to try new things.

“Well, why would you [pursue galley shows]? Ego. If I haven’t had it in 30 years I don’t need my name out there. That’s a major drive for a lot of people who want a career. I can pick and choose what I want to do. We’ve all been to art gallery shows and it’s kind of a scene. Think about that. Why would you want to run your whole life for that? […] You get this freedom when you don’t have a reputation, you can do whatever you want.”

Jang’s latest project is shooting pictures of teenage garage bands. Read the whole thing to hear about the challenges this presented, and a story about shooting Castro’s army in Cuba.

“I like danger too because I need to get my adrenaline going sometimes so I like to go where it’s not totally right or welcome. It just makes me think, okay, good, I’m definitely pushing it.”

link via weakmassive


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