Pierfrancesco Celada
2011, Jun 22
Pierfrancesco Celada, “Japan, I wish I knew your name”

Pierfrancesco Celada was in Japan a couple of months ago working on a long-term project about Japanese cities. This video is the result of some time he spent at Magnum’s New York office. It may tend a little towards the “sad Japan” angle, but it’s only showing a small segment of Pierfrancesco’s work. It’s sometimes hard to find sensible work made about Japan by foreign photographers, but Pierfrancesco has a good attitude about Japan, and I’m sure that the final project won’t be full of despair. He’s actually held back some of his best shots from this video.


Here he is interviewed on the streets of Osaka by a Japanese TV show. (Skip to about 1:00) Pierfrancesco plays a very good straight man to the hosts.


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Pierfrancesco Celada

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