2009, Jun 08
A trip to Sokyu-sha’s bookstore

Sokyu-sha is one of the many galleries which are around Shinjuku Gyoen, a nicely manicured park in the middle of Shinjuku. To the side of the gallery space is one of the most interesting photography bookstores in Tokyo. It’s not the biggest, but it has a really strong selection of black and white books, including many publications which I haven’t seen anywhere else. Let’s take a look.

I have updated all of these “trip” posts with a link to a map of the place. Here’s the map of Sokyu-sha.

The main shelves. The book on display here is Asako Narahashi’s “Half Awake and Half Asleep in the Water,” which I would really like

In the middle is a long table, which is mostly full of high-level, more recent books. Older stuff is on the shelves

Requisite issues of Moriyama’s “Record” series. Still managed to pass up the Osaka one, which is on the right here

A bookcase full of what I assume is photography history and criticism. I can speak a reasonable amount of Japanese but kanji is still beyond me

Here’s where Sokyu-sha really shines. These are issues of a small photography publication which I’ve never seen before

I bought the issues of “LP” for 500yen each, and the white book on the left. This book is amazing and only cost 1000yen, I will write about it later

Not exactly zines, but tiny publications printed on cheap paper which are mostly text. Still interesting, and again, I don’t know yet where else to find this kind of thing


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