Tatsuya Shimohira
2011, Jan 23
Tatsuya Shimohira on the La Pura Vida Gallery Blog

I’ve started to write a column about Japanese photography for the La Pura Vida blog. This is exciting because I think the LPV audience should be really receptive to what’s happening in Japan. From glancing at some American photography blogs it’s possible to get the impression that everyone is shooting large format high-concept color work, which is definitely not the case here. I trust LPV to show me work that’s serious but not overburdened with meaning, and there’s a lot of work in Japan which fits that bill.


I started writing this blog in March of 2009, when I really had no idea what was going on here. I still probably don’t know that much, but by now I’ve had enough experience that what I do know can be condensed and communicated in a forum like a monthly column. I’ll probably keep on posting here as before, and use the LPV space to take a step back and try to explain a little bit about the photography culture in Tokyo. We’ll see.

In the first column I featured Tatsuya Shimohira, a member of Totem Pole Photo Gallery who’s made some of the most interesting work I’ve seen recently. Here’s an image from his “Element” series which didn’t show up in the post on LPV.

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Tatsuya Shimohira

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