Yoshinori Mizutani
2013, Nov 03
Young Japanese photographers in Paris

If you will be in Paris between November 9 and 17, I would suggest visiting the “Lumix Meets/Tokyo 2020 by Japanese Photographers 9” 1 exhibition, currently slated to take place at 1 Rue Richelieu. This show will feature a number of young talents in the field of Japanese photography:

Maya Akashika

Go Itami

Yumiko Utsu


Yuji Hamada

Yoshinori Mizutani

Wataru Yamamoto

Daisuke Yokota

Kazuo Yoshida

A different venue was listed on the website a couple of days ago, and I can’t find any information about “1 Rue Richelieu,” so it might be best to check the site again before heading out. It’s less than a week before the show and the site is still Japanese-only, so while it certainly looks like this has been thrown together at the last minute, I hope things go well—it could be a very good introduction to the work of some young Japanese photographers. I won’t be in Paris, but I would be curious to hear how things go if you stop by.


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