Yuhki Touyama
2012, Jan 30
Female Japanese photographers – in Indiana

At the same time that Yuhki Touyama’s exhibit is up at 35 Minutes, her photos will also be displayed halfway around the world in America. I have no idea if anyone in Indiana reads this blog, but her work will be part of a show of four female Japanese photographers up from February 3 to March 31 at Bloomington’s Pictura Gallery.

The four photographers are Yuhki Touyama, Tomoe Murakami, Ai Takahashi and Yuki Tawada. It will be worth a look if you’re around.


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2012, Jan 23
“Yu Ukai Yuhki Touyama #1” at 35 Minutes

I’m excited to announce a show coming up at 35 Minutes: Yu Ukai and Yuhki Touyama’s first collaboration, just called “Exhibit #1.” Touyama and Ukai are two excellent young photographers, and if all goes well they will be holding monthly, experimental exhibits at 35 Minutes. There is an opening party on Friday, February 3rd, more information is below.


鵜飼悠 頭山ゆう紀 展 1
Yu Ukai Yuhki Touyama #1


Fri February 3 – Sun February 5
Fri 6-9pm
Sat, Sun 12-7pm

Nakano-ku Kamitakada 5-47-8


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35 Minutes, Yu Ukai, Yuhki Touyama

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