November 2013
2013, Nov 19
Naoya Hatakeyama, “Kesengawa”

I have written before about Naoya Hatakeyama’s photographs taken in the aftermath of 3/11 1. He published some of these photographs as Kesengawa with Kawade Shobo, but I just saw the European version of this book, published by Light Motiv 2, and it is much better. The design of the book and the layout of Hatakeyama’s text suits his images very well. I’m not sure yet how to track this book down, but it’s not to be missed.


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3/11 Earthquake, Naoya Hatakeyama

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2013, Nov 14
Faraway Eyes

Faraway Eyes is the name of a somewhat new blog about Japanese photography 1, written by an almost un-Googleable art historian living in Berlin. It is well worth a look.


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2013, Nov 05
Kazutomo Tashiro, “When Hamayuris Are in Bloom”

© Kazutomo Tashiro

Kazutomo Tashiro 1 will release his first photobook, “When Hamayuris Are in Bloom,” on November 8. This work is a long-term project of portraits taken in Fukushima and Tohoku after the March 11 disasters. The book is 488 pages long, includes 453 photographs, costs ¥3,990 and is the first book published by Satoyama-sha 2Amazon.co.jp 3 will carry it, and you might also be able to purchase it from photographers gallery 4, where Tashiro is a member.

Installments of “When Hamayuris Are in Bloom” have been exhibited a number of times at photographers gallery, and the work has attracted some attention; scholar Yoshiaki Kai wrote about it for the third issue of Art Critique 5.

If you are in Tokyo, a number of Tashiro’s photographs will be on display at Tokyodo bookstore 6 in Jimbocho until November 30.


© Kazutomo Tashiro

© Kazutomo Tashiro

© Kazutomo Tashiro



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3/11 Earthquake, Kazutomo Tashiro

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2013, Nov 03
Young Japanese photographers in Paris

If you will be in Paris between November 9 and 17, I would suggest visiting the “Lumix Meets/Tokyo 2020 by Japanese Photographers 9” 1 exhibition, currently slated to take place at 1 Rue Richelieu. This show will feature a number of young talents in the field of Japanese photography:

Maya Akashika

Go Itami

Yumiko Utsu


Yuji Hamada

Yoshinori Mizutani

Wataru Yamamoto

Daisuke Yokota

Kazuo Yoshida

A different venue was listed on the website a couple of days ago, and I can’t find any information about “1 Rue Richelieu,” so it might be best to check the site again before heading out. It’s less than a week before the show and the site is still Japanese-only, so while it certainly looks like this has been thrown together at the last minute, I hope things go well—it could be a very good introduction to the work of some young Japanese photographers. I won’t be in Paris, but I would be curious to hear how things go if you stop by.


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Daisuke Yokota, Go Itami, Kazuo Yoshida, Kosuke, Maya Akashika, Wataru Yamamoto, Yoshinori Mizutani, Yuji Hamada, Yumiko Utsu

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